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Cricket has been the pacifier.As a kid growing up,i played all sports in school.Football during the rainy season,basketball,table tennis and athletics followed and during winter cricket took over.

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The Almost Broken Nose

It's quarter finals day, December 2002, my first tour as a 15-year-old, now having to face off Bangladesh. Just sometime back our U-19 team had beaten them in New Zealand causing quite a buzz with Nepal being represented as a cricketing nation. We were a bunch of young lads..

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That Half-Run

After having finished all of our league matches, it came down to the fact that we had to depend on the Scotland game for us to make it to the second round and it only seemed Almost impossible. Denmark was the weakest team in our group and the scots were facing them. We were in our hotel..

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पारस खड्का : एक फ्यानको नजरमा

" पारस खड्का " सायदै यो नाम नेपालमा नचिन्ने मानिस कमै होलान । युवा त युवा भइहाले , वृद र बालक पनि उनका फ्यान छन् । कहिले क्रिकेट भन्ने नबुझेका र वास्ता नगर्ने मानिसहरुपनि नेपाल..

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