After having finished all of our league matches, it came down to the fact that we had to depend on the Scotland game for us to make it to the second round and it only seemed Almost impossible. Denmark was the weakest team in our group and the scots were facing them. We were in our hotel rooms doing our permutations and calculations and it had once agan come down to the run rate thing. Nepal cricket and Runrate can be termed synonyms if you know Us Through these years.

Scots made 205 runs and as per our calculations they had to be bowl out the Danes for less than 130 . We had to go practice that day as our hope of entering the 2nd round were still alive and prayers were on a full swing. Probably the whole cricketing nation back home home had their hopes of a miracle. We were n the bus on the way to the ground, everyone nervous as hell, some had lost hope completely while some still believed in their destiny.Ii got down the bus first hurried towards the ICC Global Cricket Academy grounds where we were scheduled to practice and where the match was going on which would decide our fate. As i entered thrpugh the hallway with my first glipmse of the match between the Blues and the reds with their pads on, It was the last over to be bowled. End of the 19th the scoreboard read 114/9 which meant we Nepal needed 16 runs to win the game literally .

To My surprise, there was an offspinner ( Matt Machan who had earlier scored unbeaten 90 off 55 balls) bowling the last over. Hamid Shah was the batsman on strike, the guy who had the looks of hashim Amla had to be our hero. Boom the first ball went for six. and i was the 1st to witness that. Some of our boys hurried down behind me as i could hear a rush. Boom six again and the scorecard read 126 with four balls to spare. Was it happening for real? Why were the scots bowlng an offspinner? The fielders looked like the match had been lost already technically at the start if the over they had so many runs to defend. Next ball was played for 2 quick runs. I wish the batsman slogged for that one hit would mean we would inch towards our world cup dreams. Then the batsman swiped again but just could manage only one. One of the fifth ball of the over meant all we needed was that one run from the last ball to guarantee our march toward the second round for the first time in our cricketing history. I wish Hamid tapped it for a single but he slogged away and then got caught in the deep and the score read 130 EXACTLY. The Scots you wont believe had miscalculated the runs to be defended and had lost complete plot which we came down to know later. Had the score read 131 we would have made it easily but now out of infinite possibilities, the runrates were also equal between Nepal and Scotland and after hours and hours of ICC going through the calclutors, we made it through on the third decimal with a difference 0.003. which equivalents to half a run. Did we make it ? Yes finally .!!!!!